Monday, May 10, 2010

May Development

Smiley's personality continues to rapidly develop.

Two weeks ago he started making bigger Duplo towers.  Three small changes were involved.  He now sometimes puts a small stack of blocks onto a single block instead of always adding single blocks to the top.  He now builds a tower by adding medium-sized stacks of blocks instead of only adding single blocks.  And he now gets his step-stool so he can reach higher.

He has begun drawing pictures that are supposed to be pictures of things.  His first was only five lines ("lines, Daddy, other people").  Later he drew a solid blob ("airplane").

He also began wanting me to take pictures of things.  Most often this happens when we are driving: perhaps he is wanting something interactive to do with an adult while in his car seat?  But sometimes he wants a picture of things at home.

His pretending continues to develop.  He still prefers to pretend with props, but is not as firmly tied to them.  For example, his dump trucks and front loaders normally move marbles or dice around, but when he plays with them away from the house he is happy to move imaginary dirt.

He also combines toys in new ways.  For example, the best marble runs are currently a lot like diving boards: a tower of blocks with only one trough, allowing him to drop marbles into his trucks, containers, or hand while being simple enough he can maintain it.  He also put his steering wheel on his skateboard.

Socially, he has become very fond if "hide and count".  He doesn't really care if we know where he is hiding, although it is usually silly when we act like we cannot find him.  Mostly he just likes being able to combine two of his favorite things--hiding under or in something and having an adult talk to him.

Also socially, during the past week he has begun regularly singing along with someone else.  This should make his Skype times with family more fun.

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