Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today's Fish

Most weeks Smiley and I drive past the Eugene Fisherman's Market at least once.  We stop to buy some fish to grill for lunch.

Smiley loves grilled fish.  Today he ate over a half-pound.  He helps me sprinkle the spices on the fillets: dill, Penzeys Bankok Blend and Singapore Seasoning.

For the past few months I have been buying frozen farmed tilapia, but today tried fresh northwest-caught rockfish (mislabeled as "snapper", as often happens).  It was only slightly more expensive and I was curious how Smiley would like it.  Since he liked it so much we'll switch for a while.  It's better to eat local, fresh fish than frozen fish of unknown origin.

(I used to use Penzeys Northwood Fire on Trader Joes frozen Alaska salmon, but that spice mix was too hot for Smiley, and driving by the Fisherman's Market more often stopped me from buying frozen fish.  And yes, these are still those same spice bottles from December of 2007.)

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