Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Big Spring Swap

Wednesday afternoon from 1pm to 3pm some friends are hosting a "Big Spring Swap" in Sladden Park, a few blocks west of the Rose Garden.

(In case of inclement weather the location will move to June's house which is one block away--if necessary my cell phone can help friends who read this find the house.)

Bring clothing, books, household items, seeds, plants, toys, shoes--anything folks need to thin out for Spring!

Bring only items you want to give away freely.  No one will be keeping track of trades/points or anything like that.  Whatever is left over will be taken to a local charity.  (If anyone wants to itemize their leftovers for a tax deduction, they can take theirs back or join the drop-off crew.)

Maybe see you there!

UPDATE: Yes, the location is moved to June's house.

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