Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Smiley and Gallant have both been sick for two weeks with a bad cold.  They probably caught it at the doctor's office for Gallant's nine month checkup.

The cold started as a bad sinus attack.  The weekend of March 23rd was like a bad B-move named Invasion of the Mucus Lords.  Poor little Gallant was especially miserable because he had never before had to breathe only through his mouth.  His nose was too clogged and runny to breathe well, nurse well, drink well from a bottle, or even suck on my pinky to soothe himself.  Putting him to sleep took about an hour each time, several times per day.

Last week the colds shifted to become chest colds.  Smiley got really tired.  Both boys coughed a lot.  Gallant still has some sinus drip but is no longer all clogged up.

On Monday we took both boys to the doctor again.

Gallant had two ear infections.  He started taking pink Amoxicillin liquid twice a day.  He is doing much better.  His appetite has returned and I am now wiping his nose only a few times each day.

Smiley had no noticeable congestion in ears, nose, or lungs when the pediatrician examined him.  But he had suddenly developed a 104 degree fever that day.  So his doctor ordered two x-rays to be taken, to make sure his lungs were clear.  (Most colds start with a fever which goes away.  A late-appearing fever often means pneumonia.)

His lungs are clear.  And he has x-rays.  He received paper copies, which he loves.  He knows about x-rays from his alphabet puzzles and from the Curious George Visits the Doctor book and film, and the Curious George Has a Cold film.  Now he has x-rays of himself!

Those Curious George story were favorites in February.  He became so enthralled by thinking about people's insides that he even made a gingerbread boy to try to draw his own idea of where inside parts are.

I helped draw some of those lines, but most are his own work.  The yellow lines show "where the breathing goes".  The red lines in its chest are its heart(s?).  The blue lines are its lungs.  I can't remember what the green lines supposedly were.

Please pray we are all healthy by Friday!  This weekend has both Pesach seders and Smiley's birthday party.  We do not want to have to cancel those plans!

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