Tuesday, April 03, 2012

One Page Dungeon Contest 2012

In past years I mentioned the annual One Page Dungeon Contest.

For the 2012 One Page Dungeon Contest I finally have a submission of my own!

My RPG's website now has an adventure called The Hermit Alchemist Tower.  That web page is a bit more than one page, so I trimmed the text and reformatted it as a one page PDF file.


In my mind the adventure is nothing special to write home about.  But this contest submission is the "public debut" of my map design acrostic.  I expect that aspect of the adventure is what will catch the eye and cause my entry to stand out.

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Mike Monaco said...

Yes, I like more non-linear keys too. My OPD last year was the inside of a giant monster, so there was an element of linearity to it (alimentary anyway) but I keyed that more by the organ/type of structure (veins, etc.).

The acrostic idea is a good one.

Good luck in the contest!