Friday, July 21, 2006

Apology for a Week Without Blogging

I got back from my two weeks of travels more than a week ago, but have been lazy about blogging or catching up on e-mail.

It's my typical mass-communication-avoidance variety of procrastination. Ministry work involves so many conversations with people (especially afer two weeks of being out of town) that the last thing an introvert like me wants to do when I am finally home and resting is to do more communicating.

Besides, Israel is at war. I like to know what to pray about, and people keep asking me for information about the conflict. So reading news for an hour or two seems much nicer than doing e-mail or blogging, and I have excuses for its priority as well!

Oh, well. Sorry again for being out of touch. Below are posts about my conference experiences and last Shabbat's baby naming.