Monday, July 31, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 1

The Way that is the Eternal Way is not fixed, but a living and active way.
The Name that is the Eternal Name is not inflexible, but a living and potent name.
As the origin of heaven and earth it is nameless; as the mother of all things it has a name.
So, as ever hidden we should look at its inner essence; as always manifest, we should look at its outer aspects.
These two, having a common origin, are named with different terms.
What they have in common is called the Mystery, the Mystery of Mysteries, the Gate of all Wonders.

Yeshua is active and alive. Adonai is too.
Yeshua as Creator was hidden as the Word.
Yeshua as Re-creator was revealed as the Son.
Yeshua was part of, but later earned, the name Adonai.
Ponder how Adonai is sometimes hidden and sometimes revealed;
how Adonai and Yeshua are aspects of Truth,
and their relationship reveals other aspects of Truth.