Friday, July 21, 2006

Presta Valve Trickiness

Well, I am back in town with a little bit of free time. I do need to finish a sermon this afternoon, but have some blogging to do first.

Despite it being 100 degrees out, I did some bicycle riding today to get three errands done. The trip was short, and not a problem. Except for getting started: my bicycle tires needed air but would not inflate.

It turns out that a Presta Valve has a little nut at the tip, which must be loosened before inflating the tire. No one had told me this! When my bike pump was not working, I was not sure what to do besides ride my bike to a nearby bicycle shop to ask them what was wrong. The spokes still appear to be true even though I rode twenty blocks with somewhat flat tires, so no harm done.

And cherries are only $3 per pound at Safeway, so in anticipation of an Erev Shabbat potluck tonight I bought a whole bunch.