Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fancy French Restaurant Food

Since my wife and I were camping during our anniversary vacation, we ate dinners at the campsite. Thus our fancy meal to celebrate the actual day of our anniversary was a lunch.

My wife is both vegetarian and gluten-intolerant, which makes finding a restaurant she can eat at extremely difficult. (Remember that pasta and soy sauce contain wheat.) But while walking around Portland we came across the Everett Street Bistro, which worked great.

We ordered a crudité (set of salads made with shredded raw vegetables) since we are always looking for ideas of quick things to make at home with the vegatables we receive in our CSA packages from Winter Green Farm. We were served carrots with golden raisins, cabbage with blue cheese, green beans with red peppers and cashews, and cucumber with avocado and radish. All of these had some light dressing as well, and were very tasty. (I'm not a fan of blue cheese, but was pleasantly surprised by how the cabbage and dressing made that salad work very well.)

We also shared the soup of the day, a cantelope gazpacho. This ended up mostly mine, since it complimented my main dish much better.

For our main dishes, my wife ordered the cheese and fruit plate, and I had an artichoke and goat cheese quiche.

Desert was crème brulée, which my wife ate most of since I was very full by that point.

A fancy lunch was a nice part of celebrating ten years of marriage, especially considering how seldom we eat out. The fact we ate all that food was also evidence that walking constantly for several days through zoo, museums, and gardens is decent exercise!