Friday, June 27, 2008

Cloth Diapers III

I've written twice about using cloth diapers. Time for another update!

The bumGenius 3.0 we purchased at the Cloth Diaper Outlet are working better than ever after we stopped using liners.

My wife and I generate three loads of laundry each week (two color loads and a bleach load). Now we do an additional load every day for the cloth diapers. Our electric and water bill has increased about 30 cents per day, of which a portion is from my wife being home on maternity leave and using her computer a lot during the day. Out front loading machine only needs one tablespoon of Charlie's Soap per laundry load. Thus the cloth diapers cost about a quarter per day, or less. Compare this to buying diapers at a wholesale club for about 17 cents each.

Moreover, since we are doing a daily load of baby's laundry, he winds up wearing the few "best" outfits we have in his size repeatedly. (Other parents will recall"best" for babies is about temperature-appropriateness and convenient snaps much more than cuteness.) We received a lot of newborn-sized clothes as gifts. Now as we are beginning to purchase larger baby clothes we realize we are also saving money since we do not need many changes of clothes.

UPDATE: One Tablespoon of Charlie's Soap is too much for our front loading washing machine. We switched to using half that.

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