Monday, June 02, 2008

A Movie of Baby!

Hm. Picasa has all sorts of ways to adjust the file size of a photograph I upload from my computer. But it does not have any options to resize a movie.

It also does not allow me to directly link to a movie file, so I put it in its own album and now share the link to that album. Only temporarily can you watch little Smiley play with a rattle, since this file is 28 MB! If anyone knows of a free utility to shrink it for a more permanent shared archive, please let me know. (Should I re-install Videora?)

UPDATE: Link changed

This is for you, Brian... you have asked what he does when playful, and this shows him pretty much at his most interactive with his surroundings.

To give the little guy credit, he was playing with the rattle for a while before we got the camera, and after filming this we found out he was both hungry and had a dirty diaper. So this video does not do justice to his duration of attention on the rattle: he often is content to be on his back or side shaking it about for more than a minute and a half.

UPDATE: I've altered that album to have other movies too. Eventually the rattle movie will vanish when I run out of Picasa space. The new link is below.


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