Friday, June 27, 2008

Recent Busy Weeks

July has been a busy month! Sorry for the lack or regular blogging.

The trip to Monterey was very nice, but also exhausting. Normally my wife and I do not get too far behind on sleep, despite having an infant, because we go to bed early enough. Also, as needed I can watch the baby while she sleeps late in the morning and she can watch the baby while I take a nap in the afternoon.

But while visiting family we stayed up later than we normally do, and could not do our respective extra sleeping during the day. So we returned to Eugene really tired. My wife caught up on sleep the following Wednesday and Friday; I caught up on sleep Thursday.

I expected life to return to normal, but did not count on atypical chores.

First, we had a cord and a half of firewood delivered to the driveway. I needed to move it to the wood shed beside the house, which I did a bit at a time over several days. Baby was happy to watch for half an hour or so before getting bored.

Moving Firewood

Also, July is strawberry season. A nearby farm (River Bend Farm and Pleasant Hill Orchard, no website to link to, phone is 541-520-2561) has lots of U-Pick fruit throughout the year. In July their strawberries are $8 for a five quart bucket. So this past week I have spent a lot of time picking, cleaning, freezing, and of course eating strawberries.

U-Pick Strawberries

Finally, for Father's Day I got a single-player computer game to play now that I have given up World of Warcraft. When I save a game it tells me how many minutes I have been playing that level. The week after Father's Day I had an entire 7 minutes of free time to play the game. This week I've been able to play a little bit more, and actually finished a level!

Of course, I've also had a math work (grading final exams) and ministry work (planning kids' activities, doing a sermon, meeting with some people) as always. Now I need to finish revisions to the Math 25 Packet for my math work, and then establish a regular schedule of website essay updates for P'nei Adonai.

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