Friday, June 27, 2008

Rabbit's Friends and Relations: Monterey

Hm. This is the sort of preface I really shouldn't have to explain to anybody. (Especially since this post's title is not actually funny enough to warrant any needed explanation.) In the Winnie-the-Pooh setting, Christopher Robin has many stuffed animals but Rabbit is a real pet rabbit; thus any other real animals are "Rabbit's friends and relations".

Three weeks ago there was a nice family reunion in Monterey. My wife, baby, and I got to see both real relations and lots of animals.

Everyone except for P.D., who took the picture.

My wife's parents and some aunts and uncles.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a great one, even if they do not have a Shark Tunnel that elementary schools use for overnight field trips as happens at Newport in Oregon. It has lots of great exhibits.

Hungry Penguins

Full shark

Perhaps the most unique exhibit is actually two exhibits on jellies. My wife loves jellies, and took over 300 pictures of them. She uses these as her screen saver at work; she already had lots from our trip to Monterey in 2005.

Blue Jelly

Box Jelly

Bell Jelly

Upside-Down Jelly

Mediterranean Jelly

Spotted Jelly

Comb Jelly

It was a very nice vacation. Even the thirteen hour drives were not bad, which was much better than we feared for our first experience of a long trip with a baby in the car.

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