Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sneaksie Internet Taffers with Tor

I mentioned that my current computer game is the Thief trilogy with its masterful setting by TTLG Studios.

If you have never played it and want to try then check out the free demos here, especially the first two. (If you use an NVIDIA graphics card you may need to use a driver from 2004. Also, here are links to new and old NVIDIA drivers for XP.)

But for me a large part of the escapism in computer games is doing things that are completely different from real life. (Back when I played UT the fact that my gladiator died so often was a fun aspect of the game, not a drawback, for this same reason.)

However, I recently became more sneaky in my internet use by installing Tor, which allows me to toggle on or off hiding my computer's IP address from others. For me this is only something to do to help the world through the power of statistics: the more people who stop broadcasting their identity blindly, the less that online advertising will be and become invasive. Notice!

So I suppose that, for me, using Tor is a lot like why I acquired a concealed handgun license without any plans to own a gun. Whether or not you care about it, having it helps make society a little bit more protected.

Anyway, with a Windows XP machine using Firefox it is trivial to download and install Tor. If you also have cable modem speed, try it too!

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