Sunday, November 15, 2009


When I was little, one of my family's favorite car songs was Magalena-Pagalena.

I've found four versions online, none of which completely match what my family sang. I know we had more verses than below, but I can't remember them.
Oh, Magaleena-Pagaleena-Roomastina-Iodina-Hoka-Poka-Loka was her name.

She had four hairs on her head, two were alive and two were dead.

She had two eyes in her head, one was blue and the other was red.

She had three teeth in her mouth, two pointed north and the other pointed south.

Below her waist she had two hips, they were as large as battleships.

(mournfully) A ten truck truck hit Magaleene, (quickly) the fellow had to buy a new machine!

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