Saturday, November 07, 2009

Oregon Travel and Activity Survey Ethics

My family is participating in the Oregon Travel and Activity Survey.

I normally ride the bus weekly. On Tuesdays I take Smiley to the library for their Tiny Tots story and singing time. Parking at the library costs money, but the library is across the street from the downtown bus station. So we park a little ways away and take the EmX.

I bicycle with Smiley often (last week only three times, but it was rainy). But not daily.

The survey provoked an ethical issue that made me laugh. I noticed I wanted to be sure to take the bus and bicycle on the day I record all my family's traveling, to promote those modes of transportation. I found it humorous that my subconscious would never stoop to lying on the piece of paper but was quite willing to fudge the data by altering my behavior.

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