Saturday, November 07, 2009

Toy Trucks

Smiley is still crazy about trucks. (In the car he'll happily read his truck-themed picture book all the way to Trader Joe's.)

So I decided to get him some toy trucks. I was surprised that the toy store had so few that were sturdy and medium-sized.

There were lots of tiny, metal Matchbox-sized trucks, but those are always underfoot. And Tonka makes large sturdy ones, of course. But in between nearly all the toys were flimsy plastic and full of buttons, lights, and noises. Now what Smiley needs!

But John Deere makes what I wanted. Hooray!

I cannot find the dump truck and front loader I got online, but they seem to be a variation of this 1/64th scale series. I also got him a Gator with big puffy tires that will be easier to push around in the yard.

Some day he'll be old enough for a Big Loader set. That was a great toy. I bet the Big Trak has been replaced by something else to teach programming a list of instructions.

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