Friday, November 13, 2009

Turkey Jumping Parade

A group of wild turkeys lives in our neighborhood.

On October 12th, six of them visited our house. Normally they walk around the front yard and then go uphill to more interesting places.

But that day they arrived through the back yard. The marched, single file, to the back of our house. Then they flew up onto our roof, and walked across it. Then they flew down to the front yard before leaving to the sidewalk.

Smiley and I were inside the house, and stuck by how much noise the large birds made on the roof.

It was like a children's book that has never been written.
Six wild turkeys walk in the back yard.
   Gobble, ka-gobble, a-gobble. Gobble, ka-gobble, a-gobble.
Fly onto the roof!
   Thump, bump, thump. Thump, bump, thump.
Walk across the roof!
   Pitter, patter, scritch. Pitter, patter, scritch.
Fly down to the front yard.
   Flap, flop, flup. Flap, flop, flup.
Bye bye, birds! Bye bye, birds!

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