Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Days 2014-11-04

tropical pancakes

Website Pages Worked On
invented a new math game: The Kittens of Tindalos
(for this week's Thursday first grade volunteering)

Things I Did for My Wife
stayed caught up on housework despite being exhausted

Things My Wife Did for Me
very relaxing neck massage before I went to bed

Cute Things a Son Said
Dental Assistant: Those ridges in your molars are very deep.  They can trap food or help plaque grow.  That is why we seal them with this clear stuff.
Smiley: I don't get it.
Me: Are your molars for chewing or tearing?
Smiley: Chewing.
Me: Which teeth are for tearing?
Smiley: These front ones.
Me: Do you need deep ridges for chewing?
Smiley: No.
Me: So the deepness of the ridges is extra.  It does not help you.  It can only cause a problem.
Smiley: So why did God make teeth that way?  Was it part of what happened with the punishment of Adam and Eve?
Dental Assistant: [tries not to laugh noticeably]
Me: What about the days before helpful dentists?  When people lost more teeth.  If your front tearing teeth had cavities and fell out, you might need to do some tearing with molars.
Smiley: I get it.  I am glad we have good dentists now.

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