Monday, November 17, 2014

Days 2014-11-17

In the morning I made both tropical pancakes and egg baby, a good start to having breakfasts for the week.  In the egg baby recipe I replaced some of the skim milk with canned pumpkin, which meant it did not make its fancy custard layer but did have an autumn theme.

After lunch Gallant and I made more of those brownies (the GF Krusteaz brownie mix from Costco with extra chocolate and walnuts)

Website Pages Worked On
Nine Powers sample adventure Caves of Chaos, but the new work is not online yet.

Air Quality
126 pm (no wood stove)

Things I Did for My Wife
it is a Monday, another swing dancing night!

Things My Wife Did for Me
it is a Monday, another swing dancing night!

Cute Things a Son Said
Me: [through a closed door] Do you need any help?
Smiley: No.  I am fine.
Me: Are you sure?
Smiley: Well, you might want to help me clean up in here.

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