Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nate the Great, Twice Missing

Smiley has been sick quite a bit during the past eleven days.

I went to the local library and got him three compilations of Nate the Great books on CD.  There are now on his "story player" and he listens to them in the afternoon when his little brother naps, and he also needs to rest but cannot manage to fall asleep.

Oddly, our library has volumes 1, 3, and 4, but not volume 2.

A mystery!

Both boys love mysteries.  I am currently in the middle of reading them on my Kindle Paperwhite a library loan e-book that is a Ron Roy mystery for kids named Detective Camp.

Gallant now gets very excited whenever I misplace something.   "It is a mystery!" he proclaims.  "No," I think to myself, "I just left something downstairs."  But I do not want to deflate his enthusiasm.

But we do have a real mystery in the house.  Ironically, Smiley has lost one of the library's hardback Nate the Great books.  For a month I have been renewing it.  But eventually we will need to find it or pay a fine.

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