Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Days 2014-11-18

Gallant had a new cold and his nose was running like a faucet.  My day largely involved helping him blow his nose, then going to wash my hands.  Not conducive to baking.

Website Pages Worked On
For math geometry concepts I made a polygon area page useful for both Math 20 and when I volunteer at Edgewood Elementary School

Air Quality
146 pm (no wood stove!)

Things I Did for My Wife
We were both exhausted and went to bed soon after the kids did.  No time to really spoil each other.

Things My Wife Did for Me
see above

Cute Things a Son Said
Gallant: This is my walking stick.  [He is holding a tower of marble run cylindrical pieces, topped with a single marble run trough since Grandpa's walking sticks are shaped like that on top.]  It is a transformer walking stick.  If you push this button it turns into something else.  Like a race car.  Or an airplane.

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