Monday, November 10, 2014

Days 2014-11-10

tropical pancakes

Website Pages Worked On
Nine Powers sample adventure Caves of Chaos

Air Quality
58 pm (day three of three without the wood stove)

Things I Did for My Wife
A friend was going to GM a Pathfinder campaign in two weeks got too busy.  Now I will need to start being GM in two weeks.  Time to finish my Caves of Chaos adventure so my wife will get her new role-playing game group!

Things My Wife Did for Me
Nothing I am allowed to blog about.

Cute Things a Son Said
[The boys are talking in the car.  Smiley wants to tell Gallant a joke.  But know that when going to bed, after their head is on their pillow, they each get one question for me and to say a prayer.]
Smiley: I have a question for you.
Gallant: I do not need a question.
Smiley: It is a funny question.
Gallant: I do not need a question now.  It is day!  I want questions at night.

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