Saturday, May 05, 2012

Smiley's Treasury

Today, after a splashy yet relaxing soak together in the spa, Smiley and I had an interesting conversation.

I had mentioned needing to do my exercises next.  Smiley likes to invent "exercises" which usually involving holding a somewhat contorted posture and then wiggling the fingers of one hand or the toes of one foot.
Smiley: Do you want to do more exercises?

Daddy: In one moment, after I get dressed.

Smiley: I keep them in my treasury.

Daddy: What is a treasury?

Smiley: My treasury is a special one.  It contains all of my exercises--those with names and those with no names.

Daddy: Tell me more, please.

Smiley: Do you know about a treasury contest?

Daddy: No, what is that?

Smiley: Some have names.  The person with the best one with names gets a surprise on their birthday.  That's just what happens in Far Away Land.  In Eugene it's not happening right now.  Maybe tomorrow morning it will happen.
I have no idea where or when he added the word "Treasury" to his vocabulary.

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