Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Relaxation, Fascia, and Rhodiola

About a year ago I blogged about taking rhodiola root extract to help with muscle relaxation.

It actually does much more for me.  It's about time I blogged that too.

Between it and the fact that I have much less fascia tension than a year ago I now fall asleep fairly quickly.  For most of my life it took forty to sixty minutes to fall asleep.  What  a huge benefit!

Also, from my high school years until a year ago I had a subconscious nervous habit of picking at my upper lip.  This habit has bothered me (and really annoyed one of my best friends) but I could not stop it since I usually did not notice starting to do it.  Yet the rhodiola root makes that habit go away.  A couple of times during the past year I have wondered if the rhodiola root might have had some permanent effect and stopped taking it, and with a day or two I catch myself picking at my lip again.  Strange!  I must have some slight chemical imbalance or lack that the rhodiola root fixes.

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