Wednesday, May 23, 2012

War on Coal

Coal plants supply most of this country's electricity.  Perhaps this should change.  But attacking coal plants with Federal regulations during a recession without providing any alternative energy supply is silly.

On the Wednesday before last Christmas the EPA created the "Utility MACT rule".  It might make sense to adjust how most coal plant particulate emissions are already regulated.  But this rule instead uses the guise of "mercury emission regulations" to attack coal plants.  Its cost-increasing effects are beginning to be seen.

This is silly.  Mercury emissions are circulated globally, and U.S. coal plants are responsible for less than 1%.  Moreover, since the 1950s the nation's mercury pollution has been decreasing for many reasons.

Soon the Senate will vote on S.J. Resolution 37 to overturn the Utility MACT rule.  This morning I wrote to Senators Merkley and Wyden to ask that they support overturning such dreadful legislation.

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