Monday, July 28, 2008

Boppy with Ergo Insert

At the beginning of the month I mentioned that we have an Ergo Insert. This is a piece of fabric shaped like an arch with a very thick outer hem. Here is a photograph.

If we knew its size in advance we could have sewn such a thing ourselves and saved money. Since Smiley can hold his head up we no longer need it when using the Ergo. What to do with it?

Smiley likes using the Boppy as a recliner or as a way to be kicking things.

But he rolls sideways and gets stuck on his side, or kicks his legs and his heels pull him out of it. The Ergo Insert, folded in half, works as an extra "edge" to keep Smiley in his Boppy.

If he is reclining it prevents him from rolling sideways and getting stuck.

When kicking it prevents him from rolling sideways and falling out.

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Melissa said...

Hello there, just came across you cute photos of bubs whilst reading up on the ergo insert. I have an ergo and bought it for my first child, but never used it right from birth. I want to use it for my next but wanted to make the insert (sew it myself) to save a little money. I am in the UK and they are quite expensive.

I know this is a long shot, but you mentioned you would have sewn it if you had have known the measurements. If it isn't too much trouble, when you have a moment, could you possibly post/email the measurements?

Many thanks :)