Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Software I Use

Occasionally I have written blog posts about software programs I use, but I have never made a list of what is on my computer. For those who are curious...

Purchased Software

Word processor, spreadsheet, slides: Microsoft Office XP
Hebrew word processor: DavkaWriter
PDA word processor: WordSmith
PDA game: Spaceward Ho!
Desktop games: Battle for Middle Earth, Star Wars: Galactic Battleground Saga, Thief series
Anti-Virus: currently Norton, but after this subscription I'll switch to Zone Alarm

Free Software

Web browser: Firefox, with extensions AdBlock Plus, NoScript, and Dowload Statusbar
E-mail: Gmail (in web browser), Gmail Notifier, and Thunderbird for backups to the hard drive
Internet safety: Zone Alarm firewall, Ad-Aware, SpyBlock, Tor
Bible software: e-Sword
Text editing: PSPad and the Firefox extension LinkChecker
File transfer: the Firefox extension FireFTP
PDA: Palm Desktop, BibleReader, UniBible, Chagim, Kaluach, MobiPocket
Photos: Picasa2 and Gimp
Music: iTunes, VideoLan

At LCC, Used When Teaching Math

Recording the voice: Audacity
Recording the overhead: Starboard
Editing the overhead: Acrobat

Note that this is not a complete list. My home computer has the usual assortment of Acrobat Reader, Flash, Quicktime, and a host of other software accessories and drivers.

I could now switch to OpenOffice and stop using Microsoft Office XP. However, for a few years I was often exchanging with other ministers .doc or .ppt files that included a mix of Hebrew and English, and at least back then OpenOffice could not handle Hebrew vowels. So I purchased Microsoft Office XP then, and still use it.

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