Friday, July 11, 2008

Call for Help: How to Share Videos Online?

My wife and I were recently given a Flip Mino as a present.

Picasa is clearly not the best way to share videos, even if the Flip software does allow me to change them to an appropriate size for putting online.

The Flip software has built-in knowledge of how to connect to YouTube, AOL Video, and MySpaceTV, none of which appear to have the ambiance of place to look at a family album.

Which of these three is the best? Is there a still better alternative? Do any such sites allow you to mark a video or "album" of videos as private (hidden to viewers without a password and/or url)?

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Eilidh said...

I use YouTube for videos, but they're intended for any public viewing.

For *private* and custom photos, I love Gallery software, which is free. And several webhosting systems come with built-in installation of Gallery. is built on Gallery, and you can *definitely* customize a folder/album to be private, URL only. It's hosted at