Monday, July 07, 2008

Level 1 Househusband

Today my wife's maternity leave ended and she went back to work (part-time for now). I guess that means I'm officially a Househusband.

My math teaching at LCC will henceforth drop to one class per term. Most of my ministry work is done from the house anyway.

Here is today's schedule until 2pm, when my wife gets home on Mon-Wed-Fri. I am not sure how typical this will be. Little Smiley just started sleeping through the night (an eight or nine hour stretch starting between 10pm and 11pm) and we are not sure if that change will last.

Today happened to be a laundry day, so I had three loads of laundry to do besides Smiley's daily load. I also had a small backlog of phone and e-mail chores I was saving for today. Typically I will be doing more gardening and ministry work and fewer chores during the day.

7:00 - I wake up before Smiley does to shower and have breakfast

8:00 - My wife wakes Smiley and nurses him before she departs to work, while I empty and re-load dishwasher and wash what dirty dishes we wash by hand

8:30 - Smiley starts a long play time, during which I am able to do some chores while still talking and singing fairly nonstop (phone calls, laundry, etc.)

10:00 - Smiley's second breakfast

10:15 - Smiley's first nap, and I have a chance to do some e-mail chores

11:00 - Smiley wakes up happy and not hungry. He rests in his swing on the back deck while I make myself and the lovebirds lunch. I join them to eat and read. When Smiley finally gets fussy I can't blame him: he has become hungry, by then needs as new diaper, and has drool-soaked the top of his onesie

11:45 - Smiley's lunch

12:00 - We go down to the laundry room to change loads and stuff diapers

12:20 - Smiley's second nap, and I do more e-mail chores

1:15 - Smiley wakes up. After a bit we go for a long walk with him in the Ergo.

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