Thursday, July 24, 2008

Linux Soon?

In a month I may no longer be using Microsoft.

My computer's CPU is from 2002 (a Celeron 2 Ghz). Now that I have a Flip camcorder and am playing with video the processor is finally showing its age. Is it worth spending money for a better CPU? In about three weeks the local Linux store will start carrying little desktop CPUs, smaller than a shoebox, that fit an Intel business class motherboard. A zippy dual core Linux system will cost between $400 and $500. That seems reasonable to spend every six years for a home PC.

Earlier in July I wrote about the software I use. Only a couple of changes would result from leaving Windows XP for Ubuntu.

I am no longer regularly exchanging with other ministers .doc and .ppt files that that include both English and Hebrew text. I can thus switch from Microsoft Office XP to OpenOffice.

My wife and I may need to switch from the RTS games we know to a free Linux RTS game. We wouldn't mind this. The two we play we have played for many years, so something new will be a nice change.

No other software I use and care about has any trouble with Linux.

Oddly, I am enough of a math geek that I cannot muster the distaste for Microsoft that so many people have. Excel is (and always was) a great spreadsheet. I'll still have it at work.

From what I understand, the main problems with Microsoft Windows have always been nicely summarized by this picture of a Nazgul's Fell Beast chasing Captain Jack Sparrow. Windows has always tried to speak the language of every peripheral, which left it as vulnerable to corruption as a child who plays with the Bad Kids as well as the Nice Kids. Allowing too many things to mix is a recipe for disaster, but the business world rejected Apple's early business model (only our safely approved kids are in the playground) and demanded that every peripheral have a chance to work. I'll be pleased to be away from ActiveX and Norton, but not celebrating with a party.

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