Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blah for FTP-Blogger

Although today was busy, I would have blogged more after dinner except that I was trying to find a way to make blogger less frustrating.

Switching from the URL to a private URL required me to abandon the nice template I had created. The main problem with this for me was my sidebar of links which made my blog a convenient home page for me. So I moved those links and tried it.

Now all sorts of other things are broken.

UPDATE: Ah! I fixed almost every problem.

1. To enable the "Blogger NavBar" and "Quick Edit Links" to work I needed to allow third-party cookies in Firefox.

2. I saw how to edit the third-party code to put labels in the sidebar to make it work.

3. I worked out how to edit the classic template "scribe" to make blog post titles into links.

I still cannot search my blog. I've submitted a help request and will see what happens.

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