Monday, October 06, 2008

Six Months and Standing

Smiley is six months old today. During his fifth month he learned so much.

Now he is crawling.

He often plays with his toys from an almost-sitting posture, leaning on one hand.

He gives kisses; he cannot pucker his lips yet, but he opens his mouth and gently touches it to Mommy's cheek or the Baby-in-the-Mirror.

He picks fruit off our fruit trees and entertains us in the back yard.

He decided to celebrate today by learning how to pull himself up onto his feet. He crawled up to the couch, put his hands up on it, and stood up. We did not get the camcorder going until he had his hands on the couch already, but the video of pulling himself upright is here:
I'm way behind on blogging pictures and video about Smiley. Apologies to family and friends! I can only say that I've been unusually busy and only today had time to find the tools to better process videos. So expect more video updates about Smiley after Yom Kippur.

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