Thursday, October 02, 2008

New to Ubuntu: Software

I recently switched to an Ubuntu laptop (an Acer Extensa 4620Z).

I wrote about earlier about how having Smiley means I am now recording home videos (with a Flip) and my old computer was lacking in processor power for working with video. I got a laptop because with a small laptop I can maintain frequent eye contact with Smiley while working on the computer and he likes that.

Back in July I listed the software I used on my old Windows XP desktop. Here is the new list.
  • Word processor, spreadsheet, slides: OpenOffice
  • Hebrew word processor: DavkaWriter (the only software I use that is not free, it runs great in wine)
  • Web browser: Firefox, with extensions AdBlock Plus, NoScript, and the Ubuntu Firefox Pack
  • E-mail: Gmail (in web browser), CheckGMail and Evolution for backups to the hard drive
  • Bible software: e-Sword (installer is here)
  • Text editing: Bluefish and the Firefox extension LinkChecker
  • File transfer: the Firefox extension FireFTP
  • File bulk renaming: Thunar
  • Photos: gThumb, Picasa2 (installer is here), and Gimp
  • Music: Sound Juicer, EasyTag, mp3Wrap
  • Video: AviDemux to trim Flip videos, AcidRip to rip DVDs to files, VLC to play
  • PDF reading: Adobe Reader (.deb file is here)
Almost all of the laptop's hardware worked without effort. I needed to install the package b43-fwcutter to enable the laptop's wireless modem, and both libdvdcss2 and ubuntu-restricted-extras to enable the DVD player. I needed to install the package msttcorefonts so old documents would paginate properly. I still need to know what package will enable the laptop's card reader.

My printer, scanner, and other peripherals all work fine with Ubuntu.

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