Monday, October 06, 2008


A few months ago I discovered that the domain name was available. So I grabbed it. Now all of my internet activities have a common hub.

I still need to decide upon a layout. For now there is just a simple but pleasing CSS stylesheet.

There are three significant changes to what I am sharing online.

First, my novels are now accessible without a password. I still hope to someday find a publisher for Windsong and The Sandy Isles. But the past few years have proved that the sales of paper copies are not hurt by freely available file copies, so enjoy!

Second, I've mentioned in my blog that I finally have a workable new pencil-and-paper role-playing game designed for two players, to enjoy with my wife in the evenings. It is also now online, although at the moment the example setting's bestiary is only at rough draft stage. Perhaps it will be useful to other couples who enjoy the shared storytelling of a RPG adventure.

Finally, a blog is a terrible place to archive recipes, so I've put my recipes in their own part of the website. These include every recipe from my blog as well as several new ones. Yummy!

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