Monday, October 06, 2008

Plum and Apple

Smiley helped us with our back yard fruit harvest.

Since he was recovering from a diaper rash, he did so without clothes on.

He wanted to try a plum.

It was very nice to chew on: tough yet slightly yielding.

But once he finally broke through its skin it was sour!

I had raked the pine needles into a pile before setting out the towels. My wife had piled apples on a pine needle nest to keep them dry and clean. Maybe an apple would be better than a plum.

Since Smiley really likes to try to eat pine needles, we gave him an apple a little bit distant from those.

It was almost as good to chew on as the plum.

However, it soon became frustrating. Its was too hard to be much fun to chew, and he could not break through its skin.

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