Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gallant January Milestones

Recall that on New Year's Day Gallant sat himself up for the first (three) times.  During the first week of January he learned to pull himself to standing when holding onto his baby corral.  By the second week he could sit himself back down.

In the first half of January his "crawling" involved scooting himself forward while reaching with his arms but not moving his legs and sliding on the side of his head.  It looked really uncomfortable but he did not see to mind.  Here is a video.

During the third week he stopped that and did something else quite funny.  Apparently there is some kind of infant instinct when sitting up to look around.  So his newer floor movement would involve:
  • Sitting up, which prompted him to look around and see something he wants to touch
  • Reaching towards that thing as far as he could, which stretches him into a crawling position but he cannot get his legs to go
  • Sitting up again, but facing a different direction because he had extended himself to one side.
  • This prompted him to notice something else.  So he reached towards that, but could get to it, so he sat up again...
  • Now he was facing a third direction but could see the first thing he wanted.  He remembered he wanted it, and realized that somehow despite all this hard work he still is not over there!

Repeat until his frustration level increases to the point of fussing and needing help.

Early last week he learnd to "cruise" sideways along furniture.  Here is a video.

Last Thursday he finally learned to really crawl.  Here is a video

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