Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Luvable Friends

Now that Gallant is eating solid foods his poopy diapers are not as messy and potentially explosive.  We can safely dress him in shirt and pants without worrying about leaks out the back.  It is easier to check his diaper if we can peek down the back of his pants!

But it can be hard to find shirts for seven month old infants that are not "onesies" with extra fabric that snaps at the bottom.  Then my wife found on Amazon a three-pack of new long-sleeve infant shirts for $5.

This seemed too good to be true.  Other options were at least $5 for a single shirt.  (For example, this one, which we can also recommend.)

The inexpensive three-pack is made by Luvable Friends, and their shirts are great.  We bought a second three-pack after we were so happy with our first order.

Since the size is "six to twelve months" we need to roll up the sleeves a bit before putting one on Gallant, but that is to be expected.  Being slightly oversized now means they are long enough his tummy does not get cold when our house is slightly chilly.

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