Sunday, January 01, 2012

Singing About God and Satan

One of Smiley's favorite books (and mine too) is A Child's Book of Prayers, from which he has learned to sing the Johnny Appleseed prayer.

(We have not yet taught Smiley who Johnny Appleseed was.)

In November, prompted by Thanksgiving's timely topic of being thankful, Smiley and I began adapting that song as something to do in the car.  We start by one of us brainstorming four things for which we are thankful, then sing substituting those items into the song.  (Yes, the original has three.  It's sillier to make sure the new version scans poorly.)

As one example:
The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord
For giving me the things I need:
   mushrooms and garlic,
   and mints and those chocolates with nuts inside

The Lord is good to me.
Garlic is mentioned often.  Prior, I had no idea that Smiley was so mindful of it.

Meanwhile, Gallant at six months is still young enough that he finds hooting vowel noises to be vastly amusing.  I know this because I sometimes use this trick to calm him on the changing table.

One evening in December we went to a party at a restaurant that was a bit noisy in the main room but which had restrooms in which the piped music was easy to hear clearly.  While changing Gallant there, the song happened to be Sympathy for the Devil, with its clear "whoo whoo" repeated in the background.  Gallant thought this was the funniest diaper change ever.  This place had built-in funny vowel noises!

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