Saturday, January 28, 2012

Take That, Yig!

Tonight my wife and I were both finally awake enough to play our favorite two-person game, Arkham Horror, after the boys went to bed.

The random Great Old One was Yig, who is a wimp.  But he arrives relatively quickly and during the adventure Jenny and Kate only found one Elder Sign: not enough to buy them sufficient time.  So Yig attacked the town before we could win by sealing six gates.  Then two women beat him up.

I had never played Kate before.  Her Will potential is so low I just ignored it and let every monster frighten her as combat begins.  Yet this keeps her Fight maximized--and she fights well with her super-science anti-monster apparatus.  She also started with the Gladius.  So all of her combats sounded like "Eeek!  Thwack!  Yay!".

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