Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA killed?

Instapundit has recently linked to two interesting articles about SOPA, the bill I mentioned a few days ago.  First, it is probably a dead bill (but a very similar bill named PIPA in the Senate is not, so keep writing to your Senators).  Second is an ironic account of how the movie industry historically fights the new technologies that eventually become its main sources of revenue.

Today is a day many websites protest these misguided bills.  The comic Questionable Content has the best effort I've seen so far, which explains in detail why SOPA is so misguided (it censors domain names but not IP addresses).

I am not worried about these bills passing.  But they are key demonstrations about how misguided and lobbyist-bought many politicians are by supporting these bills that will do nothing claimed is their intention while giving great power to media companies and money to lawyers.

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