Saturday, February 09, 2013

Slightly Deeply Funky

For the last few months I have really been enjoying my new boots.

Long ago I heard the advice, "A very comfortable pair of shoes you wear often is worth spending a bit on.  You posture and back are worth it."

For the past few years I thought I had found a "very comfortable" pair of shoes.  But after I tried on the Fleuvog Burgundy Kaden boot while visiting Portland I knew my old concept of comfort was way out of whack.  They are truly amazing, and my posture and back appreciate them greatly.

The Fleuvog company has many mottos, of which one is "Be deeply funky."  I certainly am not a very funky person.  But I think with my long hair, burgandy boots, and goatee without a moustache that I am beginning to qualify as slightly deeply funky.

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