Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I Love My Wife - Reason 08

8. We both enjoy date nights and see the importance of practicing dating.

Now that little Gallant is twenty months old, my wife I can enjoy more date nights.  Finding a babysitter is easier.

Oddly, we best like going to a theatre: to see a musical if possible, or a movie otherwise.

Back when we had not been married so long, we wanted date nights to involve a lot of talking.  We had dreams to discuss, long-term plans to make, and events to plan.  Now that we are old fogies we just want to relax together and get something new to talk about.  Most of what used to be long-term conversation topics have happened: we have kids and know how to raise them, we have a house and know how to maintain it, etc.  The time we spend cuddling in bed is plenty for making short-term plans because life with little kids means each weekend we get to do about one interesting thing instead of several.

We also realize that, because we have little kids, we are not as skilled at date nights as we once were.  We have gotten rusty.  So we value "practicing" them, meaning both "doing that often" and "getting even better at that".

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