Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why I Love My Wife - Reason 15

15. She is rational and responsible.

I wrote earlier about how well our plans mesh.  This was huge.  But it would mean little if we could not make thoughtful decisions when apart or together.  It would not provide stability if we did not both feel responsible for the decisions we made.

Please allow me three examples about my wife that highlight three stereotypes about women.  (The stereotypes are to provide an outline for this essay.  Whether you agree with them does not matter.)

My wife is often more emotional than I am.  But she can turn on her logical problem-solving mode at a moment's notice.  Her decisions are rational, even when her emotions are one factor she considers when making a decision.

There are times she is at the mercy of her hormones.  Yet she always feels responsible for her words and deeds.  She apologizes for "acting hormonal" and never uses her gender to excuse her behavior.

She is habitually more self-focused than I am.  When she hears something (anything from the weather report to economic news) she always initially meets the information by asking, "How does this affect me?"  But she can move beyond this questions as quickly as she wants or needs to.

I know of a few husbands who are not so fortunate.  It is difficult to live with a woman who excuses her behavior with clichés about "women get to change their mind" or "women are mysterious".

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