Thursday, January 15, 2009

Changing a Baby at the Hardware Store

In many ways the local hardware store in South Eugene has a "small town" feel.

Today I got to discover another such detail. I arrived with a baby that needed a diaper change. I know a few of the employees by name, and asked one if the store had a diaper changing area. He said no, but he knew that the women's restroom was being used to store a big box full of facial tissue boxes. The restroom was large but only for one occupant and so the door locked. That would work, right?

It worked quite well: the surface was flat, stable, larger and much more sanitary than a "real" changing table, and also within arm's reach of the sink and trash can. Smiley often has a minor fit on restaurant changing tables but he didn't mind that setup at all.

Many places I go to have a "small town" feel. In the past this has helped not only when Smiley needed a change, but when I needed someone to hold him during my own trip to a restroom. It is nice to know a store or restaurant's employees well enough to trust them with your baby. I suppose other options work in the big city.

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