Saturday, January 24, 2009

Following the News Efficiently

I have not been following the news much since the new year. Partly this is due to the election being complete: I no longer need to be an informed voter. Partly this is due to several weeks of vacation and illness, during which I ignored the news.

Today my wife checked and found out that the Peanut Butter Larabars in our pantry were among those recalled because of the recent peanut butter contamination. She was aghast to learn I had not heard of this current news item. So I spent a little time looking for some good links to efficiently stay up to date on important news stories.

The largest local newspaper does not have a nice web page for local news; the best I can do is its web page for stories from the past seven days.

For non-local news, the quickest page I know of to browse is Google News or its alternate interface, NewsMap. I would prefer something in between these two: an interface that filled my screen twice. The Google News page is slightly lengthy even after I customize it, and the NewsMap page is a slightly cramped even after I turn off the categories of sports and entertainment.

Does anyone have other recommendations for news links that are easy to skim?

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