Friday, January 23, 2009

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who this week became even more representative of the struggle for free speech in Europe.

A nice introduction to his issues is found here, balanced enough to applaud his stance for free speech while calling some of his rhetoric as "problematic". An example of one of his talks is here.

Note that Wilders does want the Koran banned, so he is not the best example of someone standing up for free speech. His situation is most notable because he is being held to standards to which his opponents are not held.

Three articles about his upcoming court case are here, here, and here. These three links become increasingly biased in their language but the latter articles also include some worthwhile arguments.

UPDATE: James Rummel reports on a current E.U. effort to ban free speech. Here is the most relevant paragraph:
If you want to see just where the EU is going, then take a look at sections 1205-00 and 1206-00. Both of them say that it is a crime to "insult" the State, the Nation, the symbols of the State or Nation, or representatives of the State/Nation. Does this mean that it is considered a crime if someone writes an op-ed that is disparaging of a politician? Sure sounds like it.

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