Sunday, February 08, 2009

Excellent Ulysses

I while ago I mentioned having The Odyssey as an audiobook.

I never blogged again to say how great an audiobook this was. The story is so obviously designed to be read aloud. It was easy to listen to. The slow pace and repetitive use of adjectives before the names of characters ("noble Ulysses", "clear-eyed Athena", etc.) soon became pleasant rather than boring and a huge aid to listening while also doing housework or daddy-work.

The Neo-Neocon recently wondered why the story is still a top seller. As a printed book I have no idea. But as an audiobook I have enjoyed it immensely.

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Anonymous said...

It's an epic poem, originally composed orally, learnt off by heart and recited at festivals :3 So yeah, it works out loud.
The repeated adjectives are called 'epithets'; they gave the composer time to think of the next bits. Look out for short repeated sentences as well, such as when the characters are served by maids.