Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weight Loss

Back in August I mentioned that I needed to lose weight.

I had some progress during the Fall of 2008. But then it got too cold to exercise regularly with a baby. I don't mind a walk when the temperature is in the 30s, but little Smiley gets too cold in a stroller or Ergo.

Then visiting my wife's family in December undid my Fall 2008 progress, and January was still too cold for long walks with a baby.

But during the past three weeks the weather has been warmer and I've made good progress again.

Now I am halfway to my goal. I should be at what our electronic scale measures to be 155 pounds and 23% body fat. I'm now at 161 pounds and 25% body fat.

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Heather said...

We got a Wii Fit (as you probably know from reading Shamus' blog.) What he hasn't mentioned is that he has lost 7 lbs and is getting in a nice workout daily, as is the rest of the family (our oldest struggles not to get overweight--the struggle with food allergies makes it hard to have a good attitude about food--The Lord Table for kids - has helped.)