Saturday, February 21, 2009

An MP3 Player for Baby

Soon after Smiley was born I bought him an iPod Shuffle for the nursery. We already owned an old set of computer speakers that worked okay without being plugged in. The combination sat on top of his changing table so he could have soothing music before being put to bed.

We chose the iPod because it was reliable, not too expensive, and also could do an audiobook. (I would listen to an audiobook with headphones when I was feeding or soothing him. Audiobooks are skipped in "shuffle" mode. I sorted files by genre so it came up first in "play in order" mode.)

Now Smiley is old enough to enjoy music more and wants to play with whatever makes music. The most recommend MP3 player for babies is the SweetPea, but it currently costs $60.

My wife found a less expensive alternative. We bought a little speaker-system for the iPod ($17) and a waterproof camera bag ($12). The result is not as cute but works great and is half the cost.

Once he is old enough to not chew on everything we can stop using the bag. The little iPod and speaker-system should be useful for many years.

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Heather said...

My girls each have a cheap mp3 player from Tiger Direct and they have been such a blessing. Best bit is that StoryNory has tons of free downloadable stories which all three kids love. I realize Smiley is still a bit young for that but just a heads up for future.